Saturday, October 11, 2008

Perfect Fall Day

Today was the perfect fall day.  The temperature was perfect, the sky was perfectly blue and the trees were at the peak of their color.  Even the kids were in a happy mood!

The morning started with Aaron looking out the living room window to find a doe and three fawns grazing in our backyard.  They have been visiting us throughout the year, usually munching on anything they could find in the garden.  One of the fawns was sporting two little bumps on his head where his antlers will be next year.  Aaron was very excited to see the deer up close!

By mid-morning, Aaron was being a typical little boy.  Making car noises as he pushed his toy across the floor.

But it wasn't all play today.  Like dad always told us...if you're old enough to eat, then you're old enough to work!

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The Grasmans said...

child labor:) we can't wait till ours is old enough to work for us! cute videos, aaron looks like he was trying so hard to use the rake!